Moving Sucks – How Bronko Box Saved Us

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How Bronko Box Saved Us During Our Move

Moving is a real bear. Moving is especially sucky when you’ve done it 5 times in 5 years and you’re basically an expert at the moving industry. Let’s face it, we are in a season of moving. Whether it’s for a job change, a growing family, or you’re moving on up, moving is inevitable.  

Being that we’re experienced in moving, I’ve seen it all. Used boxes, new boxes, no boxes, boxes falling apart, boxes that have to be broken down, cardboard paper cuts, taping, cutting into tape, accidentally cutting into your skin, losing the tape, finding the tape but not where the tape begins, chipping nail polish trying to find the end of the tape, you name it, I’ve been there… more than once. Thanks to Bronko Box, I’ll never be there again! 

Bronko Box delivers commercial-strength, plastic moving boxes to you assembled and ready. Instead of worrying about finding and assembling cardboard boxes, you just pack, stack, and move. And once you’re unpacked, they pick up your empty moving boxes. It’s simple, smooth, affordable and eco-friendly.

Beyond the boxes, Bronko Box offers awesome, professional, moving services and a worry free experience from start to finish – they really are the ultimate moving solution!  

They keep things simple with their easy and upfront pricing: they charge $100/HR for 2 MOVERS$135/HR for 3 MOVERS and $170/HR for 4 MOVERS. They have a 2HR minimum and ZERO hidden fees – seriously. Everything you could possibly need is included in that hourly rate, including: taxes, insurance, high-fives, dollies, wraps, pads, truck and gas. 

:: 4 Reasons Why I Love Bronko Box :: 

  1. They’re LOCAL! Bronko Box currently has 82 FIVE STAR reviews on Yelp — they’re extremely proud of the reputation their small business has built! 
  2. Logistics! You’ve got Bronko Box for as long as you need them — the clock starts when they get to your location, and after the 2HR mark, they prorate the hourly rate every 15 minutes. The clock stops when the last item comes off the truck and the walkthrough is completed. There are countless factors that go in to determining the amount of a time a move will actually take, but when it comes down to it – you’ll only pay for the time that they work. 
  3. The Ease! No more boxes breaking on you in mid-carry. No more tape. No more breaking down & assembling. Ya just open ’em and put your items in and close the lids. Done & done. 
  4. Customer Service! Just before our Fall Mom’s Night Out in November ’16, we learned that the weather was going to be hairy! Little did we know the rain would be coming in sideways. I was in a serious pinch and had no idea how we were going to get all of our swag bags to the TOMS venue, dry, with nothing missing. I called Bronko Box and within 10 minutes everything was effortlessly coordinated. Swag bags were dry, together in one piece, and the entire transaction was seamless! 
    Bronko Box

    All of Austin Moms Blog’s swag bags were safely tucked away in the Bronko Box during the entire event, rain and all.



Moving? Bronko Box will give ALL Austin Moms Blog readers an extra week with your boxes for FREE when you book your movers AND boxes with them – offer valid until May 15, 2017! Just mention us 🙂 


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