32 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Austin

32 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Austin

St. Patrick’s Day has passed, but don’t put away your green just yet. Earth Day is right around the ivy-covered corner. It will be happening on Saturday, April 22nd to be exact. How do you plan to dote on your favorite orb?  Don’t have any crazy, award-winning ways to celebrate this wonderful place we call home?  

Here are just a few ways that you can be environmentally conscious and have a blast while improving our luscious city.

How to celebrate Earth Day in Austin: 

  1. Bike to wherever you need to go
  2. Plan a kickball game with some friends (p.s. if you do, call me.)
  3. Switch a device or two to solar power (Austin has 300+ days of sunshine a year) 
  4. Take any unused appliances, computers, cell phones, etc. to a recycling facility
  5. Don’t be a drip and fix that leaky faucet
  6. Eat local, organic food
  7. Go for a hike along Barton Creek Greenbelt
  8. Start a compost pile (in an area you don’t often mingle)
  9. Make some sun tea
  10. Plant a garden.  YUM!
  11. Carpool (and dance in the passenger seat)
  12. Have a picnic in your favorite park.  We are lucky we have SO many to choose from!
  13. Skip bath time (save the water and cuddle instead)
  14. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater
  15. Switch all your bills to online payments
  16. Visit the Austin Nature and Science Museum
  17. Turn off the A/C and open all the windows
  18. Read a real book
  19. Change the lightbulbs in your home to be energy-saving bulbs
  20. Skip the bottled water and reach for a reusable container
  21. Install rain barrels on your gutters
  22. Visit Austin Creative Reuse (Yes, please do.)
  23. Hang a hummingbird feeder or birdhouse (the kiddos always have a good time painting them)
  24. Volunteer for a local clean-up committee
  25. Inquire about introducing recycling to your place of employment
  26. Visit the Austin Zoo and sponsor an animal 
  27. Eat vegetarian/vegan
  28. Say ‘no’ to plastic bags
  29. Drink some kombucha
  30. Turn off your electronics for a day
  31. Have a candlelit dinner

And last, but not least… everyone’s favorite:

    32. Plant a tree

However you choose to celebrate Earth Day, Mother Nature + Austin will thank you.

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