7 Ways To Show A Teacher Some Love {Teacher Appreciation Week}

Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to appreciate your teachers! National Teacher Appreciation Week begins today — Monday, May 1 — and runs through Friday, May 5.

Stuck on what to give your child’s teacher? Well fear not! This former teacher has you covered.

Here are seven great ways to show some love during Teacher Appreciation Week: 

  • Gift Cards – If you are short on time, gift cards are always an easy option for a teacher because you can buy them at any store. I suggest one to Barnes and Noble or a movie theater.
  • Candy – Send them their favorite candy. Have your kid do a little digging for this one. For example, does the teacher love yellow Starburst? Then send a small jar of only yellow Starbursts. The little personal gesture will be greatly appreciated.
  • Novelty Gift – Find them a quirky gift that is unique to a subject they teach. I once knew an English teacher with Shakespeare bandages and a science teacher with a cool Pi t-shirt. Trust me. These kinds of gifts may seem geeky, but they are so unique. Amazon is the perfect place to find these types of gifts.
  • School Supplies – Buy them some cool school supplies. I’m talking the kind JUST FOR THEM not to be used by the kids. For example a cool tape dispenser that shows off a bit of their personality. I used to have this little Cowboys football helmet tape dispenser that I just loved. Any store with basic office supplies usually has gifts like this.
  • Food – Send them some food one day. Teachers are notorious for forgetting or skipping lunch. So, have something delivered! Pizza, Tiffs Cookies, or even Sushi are all acceptable options. Or if you have time, a nice homemade meal or baked good is always appreciated.

I’ve saved the best gift ideas for last, and neither of these two options cost a dime.

  • Happy call – Call or email your teacher and discuss nothing but the positive things you love about them. Don’t fall into the pit of wanting to only talk about what they can do to help your kid (they already know) or discussing your child’s current grades. If you focus on only the teacher and how wonderful they are it will be a surprise and brighten their whole week.
  • Handwritten Letter – The best option that will stick with your child’s teacher for years to come is to have your kid write them a letter. You may want to help your child with this one especially if they are younger. Have your child explain why they love their teacher. To this day my most cherished gift from a former student was the hand written essay he wrote for me explaining why he saw me as a hero. I still have that letter seven years later and read it when I’m feeling down.

Remember if all else fails, Pinterest to the rescue!

What are some of your gift ideas for a special teacher in your life?

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