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Track your hydration levels and sync with your favorite fitness apps throughout the day with the Trago smart cap and water bottle.

I consider myself a fairly health-conscience person and while I don’t track all of my steps throughout the day, I still make sure to stay active and take care of my body. One aspect I know I fail miserably at is my water intake. I mean wine is hydrating right? I kid… kinda. 

We recently met up with the Austin team behind Trago and had the opportunity to test the waters {see what I did there} with this super smart water bottle. I’ve got to say, my H2O intake is way up and the Trago has made drinking water actually fun! 

Here’s what you need to know about the Trago Smart Cap & Water Bottle! 


Sonar technology measures the change in fluid level in your bottle to a fraction of an ounce so you know your precise intake. Works for any fluid, not just water.


Versatile design fits onto many standard wide-mouth water bottles (including Nalgene, Hydro Flask and CamelBak) so you can twist on and roll out to wherever the next adventure takes you.


Seamless technology syncs real-time data between your fitness devices and your Trago app so you can see hydration’s impact throughout your life. Connects to Apple HealthKit, UA Record™, Fitbit, and Google Fit.


6-month life on a standard easy-to-replace coin cell battery means you can hydrate day and night and far from home, for less hassle and more hydration.

A versatile smart hydration system that uses patented sonar technology and syncs with your Trago app and fitness devices to measure fluid consumption in real-time, anywhere, anytime.


Founded in elite hydration science, our digital platform integrates body type, local weather, activity level and fluid intake to provide personalized hydration goals and reminders.


Trago goes beyond monitoring. Our app provides predictive, personalized, and actionable feedback and notifications so you can optimize your intake at the right time, well before your body tells you it’s dehydrated.


Receive real-time data from the Trago cap and synced activity trackers to automatically adjust hydration recovery schedules. Our clean interface illustrates hydration’s connection to activity, sleep and overall health.


You don’t have to be alone in tracking hydration. Anyone can create a group and monitor the hydration levels of teams, training partners, or friends so you can collectively set goals and stay accountable.

Interested in your very own Trago? You can purchase one here! Use austinmoms15 to receive 15% off. And you can download the app here!

If you can’t tell, we’re absolutely obsessed with the Trago Smart Water Bottle and can’t wait for you to try one too! Head on over to our Facebook page for your chance to win TWO Trago Smart Water Bottles!


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