Hat Creek Burger Now Open at the Domain

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PSA: If you live in the Austin area, have kids, enjoy good vibes, and have tastebuds, you need to get to Hat Creek Burger now open at the Domain.

Hat Creek Burger at the Domain Rock Rose

It’s no secret that we like to go out to eat, like, a lot. As in, at least once a week a lot. In our Pre-K days (pre-kids), our restaurant must haves included: delicious food, cool vibes, serves booze. Now that we have a three year old and a one year old, our list of “must haves” has grown (yep, our first three are still there, the list is just longer these days). We learned very quickly that “kid-friendly” is a non-negotiable and that “has playscape” is a MAJOR bonus. With Hat Creek Burger Domain location, we hit every.single.mark and then some. 

The inside of this adorable vintage Airstream is filled with fun for climbing and exploring.

Balance beams in varying heights create a challenging and exciting way to work off those tasty chicken flashers!

An old-school gym classic provides tons of fun for littles while we relax and enjoy our meals.

We recently discovered this little gem tucked inside the heart of the Domain, in the brand new Rock Rose area (if you haven’t been over here to check this out, seriously RUN because you are missing out). Perched right on the corner, you’ll find your little parenting oasis. With seating both inside and out, Hat Creek Burger offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections, including burgers of all kinds (beef, turkey, vegetarian), chicken sandwiches, salads, a variety of sides, and to die for milkshakes. Oh, and they have the most adorable and completely fenced in playscape, so… I’m sold. If for whatever reason this doesn’t already sound super appealing to you, they serve a variety of craft beers and ciders!  *raises the roof*

The Domain offers a delightful selection of date-night and adult hot spots, but as far as places to spend some quality time with family and the kids, Hat Creek Burger is THE go-to. In fact, when your extremely picky and opinionated three-year old asks for the “really fun restaurant with the twisty slide and the silver car” for weeks after, you really can’t argue.

Thanks, Hat Creek Burger! 

Hat Creek Burger is so excited about their new Domain location that they are offering ONE lucky reader a HUGE giveaway!!! 


Value $300 for 30 people, $10 food and drink per person. Good Only at the Domain Northside location. Winner will pick date and time of the party using the online reservation http://hatcreekburgers.com/parties/ – Hop on over to our Facebook page to enter!



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  1. Patricia June 21, 2017 at 1:27 pm #

    Hi Jessica, thank you so much for compiling all that you compile on here! I’ve been taking advantage of your resources for a long time! I was wondering- my son is now 8 and I work from home and need to find places in Austin that can 1. Watch him for me while I work (free wifi) or 2. Where he can play and I can work where is quiet enough and safe for him to play and I can focus on spurts- I’m also in north Austin right on la Frontera – do you have some resources like that? Work from home and watch the kid out on the town???! Spots. Thanks so much again!!

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