From Husband to Dad, Thank You

husband to dad

I sometimes wonder how I would survive life without my husband. We’ve been together more than nine years, and I’m fairly certain he takes all my quirks and crazy habits and manages to make me normal, or at least seemingly normal from an outsider perspective. I think without him I’d probably lose my phone and keys twice as much (is that possible?), never sleep due to late night project obsessions, and NEVER EVER be on time, EVER. The struggle is real! So, throw a baby into the mix — going from from husband to dad — and, well, you see where I’m going with this. 

To my husband, who is no longer just a husband but a DAD, thank you.

THANK YOU for waking up early to feed the kiddo on the weekends, not just to give me a morning off, but because you love those precious smiles.

THANK YOU for helping with all the child-based chores. The bottles. The folding of laundry. The packing of bags.

THANK YOU for helping cover night duty those first couple of months. I too like myself better as a sane, functioning human being.

THANK YOU still for volunteering for night duty when the little guy is feeling under the weather.

THANK YOU for jumping into dad-mode as soon as you get home, no matter how long the work day might have been.

THANK YOU for letting me escape to the occasional yoga class or night out with the girls, even when you’d probably like the night off yourself.

THANK YOU for taking the time to make your own memories, like watching soccer on Saturday mornings.

THANK YOU for asking to be in photos because you know how important these memories are.

THANK YOU for being genuinely excited to show off your kid, with or without him present.

THANK YOU for being mushy with me because that’s what babies do – turn you to mush.

THANK YOU for loving your kid so much that you can’t imagine not having more.

THANK YOU for sharing this joy in each and every way.

I, nor anyone else, had any doubt that you’d go from an amazing husband to dad, but seeing it first-hand makes me grateful more than you’ll ever know. For that, THANK YOU.

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