Which Type of Preschool Mom Are You?

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We LOVE our preschool. The diversity of both the children and the parents is what makes the place unique.  Yes, there are several “types” of preschool moms. And each type of preschool mom contributes to the whole.

Let’s start with my personal favorite…

The “I’m on my last kid” mom.

This mom has had a few kids go through preschool before.  She’s not really concerned with Kindergarten readiness, being on time, or the fact that her kiddo can’t sit still during story time.  That’s a worry for the birds. This mom has seen it all before. She knows her kid will most likely, eventually, know all of their letters. Parent teacher conferences? LOL. “No thanks, we’re good.” Preschool for the “last kid” mom is literally just a chance for her to get some time alone to get some stuff done. Like dentist appointments or Netflix, depending on the day. Don’t be fooled, though; many moms on their first kid can exhibit “last kid” mom tendencies.

Next, the “future PTA president” mom.

This mom is on the preschool council, and she loves it. She is planning all the fundraisers. You assume that one day she will be the PTA president at your local elementary. Then you realize she already IS the PTA president at your local elementary, plus she’s starting her own private school, AND apparently she used to be the CEO of a non-profit, but she decided to “stay home” so she could rock that whole thing too. Everyone respects “future PTA pres” mom.

Then there’s the “I just had a baby” mom of multiple young children.

And she’s looking at future PTA President mom wondering how in the world she’s got the capacity to organize a silent auction… cause “just had a baby” mom is basically just trying to make sure her preschooler arrives with shoes on. “I just had a baby” mom has met about 20 other preschool moms this year, and she remembers approximately two of them because she’s been keeping an infant alive. She hasn’t slept. In fact, she’s dropping off her three-year-old so that she and her newborn baby can go take a nap.

“I had just had a baby” mom is followed by…

“Boss babe” mom.

This mom, let’s be honest, always looks twelve times better than everyone else because she’s wearing heels, makeup, work attire, and clean hair.  (That or she’s found a fabulous dry shampoo.) Boss babe mom isn’t too concerned with preschool politics, or mom drama. She’s just genuinely nice to everyone, and she’s there because she wants her kids to have the experience.  Boss babe mom’s free time IS with her kids, so she typically can’t wait to see them, and her cool, calm, collectedness makes everyone else consider going back to work too.

Then there’s “workout” mom….

Who is not only wearing activewear, but she’s actually going to go BE ACTIVE in her activewear. Workout mom MAY POSSIBLY spend her first two preschool hours working out and her last two preschool hours getting ready. She ran ten miles on Sunday. She’s going to do a short six today. Workout mom’s endorphins and calf muscles are making everyone rethink their lack of a commitment to exercise.

Lastly, the “class favorite” mom. 

Class favorite mom knows everyone at preschool. She is the reason that “just had a baby” mom knows “boss babe” mom. She’s constantly making connections and can somehow strike up a conversation with anyone. She’s always picking up or dropping off multiple kids because if someone is in a jam and they need help with carpool, they call class favorite. Class favorite mom’s social skills are desirable and everyone, especially the introverts, are thankful to know “class favorite” mom. 

Which type of preschool mom are you?

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