5 Tips for Cleaner Laundry & Linens This School Year

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The new school year is here and playing the back-to-school checklist game can be both exciting and stressful (depending on who you’re asking). While all the new first-day supplies are great, it’s time to think about cleaning garments and linens around the house.

Get a fresh start both at school and home with these five back-to-school laundry tips:

Inspect Stored Uniforms and Garments

Believe it or not, properly storing clothes is an art that the vast majority of people don’t even know about. If you stored your clothes away from direct sunlight in an airtight container, you can probably skip to the next paragraph. But if you didn’t and you stored any uniforms and clothing over the summer break, now is a great time to take them out and inspect them for stains or blemishes. If a garment was stained prior to storing, the stain may have worsened or set in to the point that it needs some professional help.

Donate or Alter Old Clothes

Let’s face it, last year’s wardrobe probably doesn’t fit anymore because this summer’s growth spurt decided to take matters into its own hands. If you timed everything right, one sibling can easily jump into their older sibling’s hand me downs (a lot of us have been there). If not, think about throwing any old clothes into bags and dropping them off at your local donation center. It’s a feel-good way to reduce the clutter in your closets and also give some clothes to those in need.

Get Ready for New Stains

You know that giant box of markers you just picked up at OfficeMax? You know who’s favorite color marker is going to make its mark on that brand new outfit you spent so much time picking out. Luckily a lot of crayons and markers can easily be removed with some detergent and warm water, but if it turns nasty (looking at you, permanent markers), you’re going to need some heavier stain warfare. Make sure you’re stocked up on stain removal products so you can attack the stain once the 3:30 bell rings. If all else fails, enlist the expertise of your local dry cleaning professional, as they have more products to work with.

Freshen Up Household Linens

From the school supplies to the wardrobe, everything seems like it’s getting the refresh that it deserves — except for your home. Summer break means a lot of wear and tear on your home’s furniture and linens. With the kids in school and a regular schedule back in motion, think about professionally cleaning everything from bedding to drapery. In fact, you should try to freshen up household linens frequently since they’re essentially magnets for dust, sweat, and other less than desireable friends. So how often should you be cleaning certain linens and fabrics around your home? Here’s a quick guide for reference:

  • Bedding (Sheets/Pillowcases) – Weekly
  • Bath Towels – Clean After 4-5 Uses
  • Workout Towels – Clean After Each Use
  • Curtains – Every 1 to 3 Months
  • Duvet Cover/Comforter – Every 3 to 6 Months
  • Pillows – Every 3 to 6 Months
  • Couch Cushion Covers – Every 3 to 6 Months

If you just went through that list and don’t know the last time you actually cleaned some of those items, it’s probably a good time to get it done. Some items, such as towels and sheets, can easily be cleaned at home. Others, such as curtains and couch covers, typically need professional care. If you smoke inside or have residents that are allergy-prone, you’ll want to increase the frequency of the cleanings.

Skip the Trip — Turn Laundry Day into Family Day

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