Here’s To Grandparents Day

grandparents day

Love. Its been on my mind a lot lately. I half way blame that on the crazy hormones running through my 9 month pregnant body, but also my simple, passionate, emotional nature – Its true. I’m kind of a sap.

I’ve mostly sat and wondered how I could possibly love another child as much as I do my girls. Its almost unimaginable. I have been reassured by family, friends and strangers alike, that my heart will grow the moment he gets here. I am positive that will be the case.

But it also has me wondering… what kind of love can compare to that of a parent and child? Is there anything that comes close to this incredible, and indescribable connection? I immediately think no. Definitely not.

… phone rings… “It’s Maggie and Papa!”, I exclaim. (my girls never could say Grammy, so it turned to Maggie) The girls shout in excitement to talk to them.

It’s then, in this very moment, that my question has been answered.

There IS a love that compares to the love I have for my children. Its the love that my parents have for their grandchildren. The love that all grandparents have for their grandchildren.

Its so obvious now. I immediately go back in my mind to the incredible memories and feelings I have about my own grandparents. My Grandmother watching my sister and I every day. Taking me to the Zoo every week, and making me the best grilled cheese sandwiches you could imagine. Or the incredible RV camping trips with my Nana and Papa. Visiting our family in Montana and fishing on the lake with my Papa. All the incredible craft, quilting and art projects that my Nana coordinated. The love I have for them can only be shadowed by the love I have for my parents, their children.

It’s an incredibly beautiful thing, family, and I am so grateful for mine.

No one else on earth will love your children like you do, but grandparents come pretty darn close.

For that reason, I cheers to all the amazing Papas, Nanas, Mimis, Grandpas, Grandmas, Grammys, Gramps, Omas, Opas, Nonnas, Nonnos, Gigis, Yayas, Abuelos, Abuelas, and… Maggies!

Happy Grandparents Day! 

Here’s to the ones, who love them like their own
The ones who spoil them rotten, then send them home

Here’s to the ones, who love them deep
The ones who spend hours on end, rocking them to sleep

Here’s to the ones, keeping family traditions alive
The ones who are the apple of their eyes

Here’s to the ones, who feed them all the sweets
The ones who really can’t be beat

Here’s to the ones, who would give them the world
The ones who will do anything for their grand baby boys and girls.

There’s no one else like you, your love will never be replaced
Forever and ever you will hold your very special place

To my amazing parents, in-laws and all the other wonderful grandparents of the world!

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