Winter Is Coming! And Virus After Virus. What Do Moms Do?

As moms, I wonder how we survive sick season. I mean we already have treasured, minimal, light sleep…So add in a sick kid or two, then what?  When kids are sick we can pretty much expect to skip several showers in a row, our hair will get sticky and tangled, deodorant…what deodorant? We have like 5 seconds to change our clothes and balance the baby on our knees as we pee.

Hubby gets to spread out on our giant king size bed, while the mama sets up camp on the couch, because our little one needs to sleep upright to keep breathing and avoid drainage from laying down. Honestly,  I don’t mind this scenario at first (once baby is asleep), I can catch up on my shows, sip on some hot tea, but then… then the clock ticks into the night. Finally, I attempt to lay my head down and close my eyes to get a little blip of sleep. That maybe lasts an hour or two, until I am jolted awake by a crying baby because she’s in an uncomfortable position, or her medicine wore off, or she’s in pain, vomits, pooped, there are 6,456,298 and counting, reasons.

However, when my little is sick I also end up with the sweetest cuddles imaginable, and I get to stare at my precious baby all night long…in silence. (Exhale.)  Thank goodness for husbands, mine would always make me coffee, or go out and grab us coffees because he knew how exhausted I was. Then we mamas have to make the decision if we are going to call into work or go in exhausted, because your family member says they will come help watch the baby that day.

Staying home is filled with more screaming, more anxiety, more mess, and more time that you have not showered or properly slept. BUT, you get to stay in your jammies all day (dirty or not they are more comfortable than a pencil skirt and heels), comfort your darling baby all day, watch them sleep (Please Jesus!) and watch that new Fuller House series on Netflix.

OR you can go to work…you are able to take a shower, freshen up, wear something that won’t be pooped on or puked on (hopefully), you can sip your coffee hot (all in one swoop), you can have adult conversations, but yes that is right…adulting. Were you up for that after no sleep? But, you have to deal with your sick/personal leave days… I know I always wanted to save those days for when I wasn’t actually sick. I would brave the day all ick, just to have that Friday off to go camp.

Once I became a mom, I took all the sick days. I did not care…I was one of those people who wanted to be with my baby if they were even an inkling of being under the weather. Thank goodness, my kid only got sick 10 times that year (taking up all my sick days)… what the what? That is why…essential oils my friends, essential oils.

It’s funny too when a little one is diagnosed with strep, the flu or any other virus we moms become


amiright mamas???! I know I do, so we are pretty much willing to try


Mom: You are telling me I need a goat, a balloon filled with warm water, a radish and a cinnamon stick and my kid will get better and sleep??? Hahahaha!

Okay, okay maybe not this…but pretty darn close. Especially when we are beyond comprehension from exhaustion. Sleep deprivation is a POW torture tactic you know.

But truly what do people do? The pediatricians can’t do much if the child has some sort of virus. So, what do we do? Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve tried… with my first daughter I would ride the Tylenol/Motrin train for fevers and if she was truly uncomfortable…but she HATED it…like convulsing her body all over, me spilling sticky grape flavored Tylenol all over her and myself before daycare was NOT my idea of doable.

These days, when I hear a sniffle…I whip out my essential oils y’all…RC works wonders on colds and congestion! Then I run some Thieves in my diffuser to kill that crud. Lavender in a before bed bath. It helps amazingly, we rarely go to the doctor anymore and if the girls do seem under the weather, it is much more minimal than it could have been.

But, if the girls truly had a virus, I make sure to give them more water than normal to help flush them out, I heard a banana peel can bring down a fever, breastmilk can help build up antibodies (so when nursing I would try to nurse more often to get that into their systems), fresh air can be wonderful for Croup, hot steamy showers can be great for respiratory issues. We’ve tried A LOT of things. But the zero side effect, natural, pure plant-based options or easy home remedies make me happier, work effectively and bring my girls’ smiles back again. All while praying every day and every night that this virus is inching itself away from us.

Some things I tried this year, now that I have breast cancer (annoyingly compromised immune system), is taking showers as soon as my kids get home. I immediately take their clothes to the laundry room and we wash. This helps get those germs off your babes straightaway. We have also taken on curbside or Instacart, particularly in the fall/winter to avoid extra germs (this is the ONE place my oncologist told me to avoid because of all the germs). We may do online church versus brave children’s Sunday school with all the germs. For us this year, we were desperate for zero illnesses to cross into our home. I avoid door handles at all costs too and I have realized how gross my phone can be, so I have been trying to clean that more often (My brain swarms with all the places I sat my phone down, and then picked it up and put it on my face…eek.)

So as the viruses come a chargin’, my best tidbit? Use your mama gut, we were given one for a reason…and if you feel uncertain, do some research on best natural cold or flu killers, or home remedies or go use curbside for a Tylenol order. Whateverfeels best to you, that is what your baby needs. We mamas live these beautifully chaotic lives and it is h-a-r-d. Thank goodness for all the little delights throughout the day…baby kisses, cute babies, how they cling to your neck, or how they say, “Mama you are my darling girl.” (heart eyes) these reminders, keep us seeing the joy versus the stressin’ mess.

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