I Found My Soul Sister

soul sister

I may have gained a sister through marriage, but she’s way more than just my husband’s sister to me. She’s my soul sister. We are sister wives…that don’t share a husband. But, we pretty much share everything else.

I feel like we are raising our kids together as one. There are collectively 5 kids between us, but it doesn’t matter which child is acting up or making us proud. We are right there to love on each other’s babies. To correct them, and soothe them, and cry tears of joy over them. We love them like our own.

soul sis·ter


a woman whose thoughts, feelings, and attitudes closely match those of another; a kindred spirit.

I am the most comfortable with her. I am 100% ok with her coming over unannounced, and seeing that my house is complete a disaster. She pays no mind to the sink full of dishes, and the grass tracked across my kitchen floor. She knows what all goes on behinds the scenes. She gets it. She’s living it too.

I can drop my kids off with her, all still in their pajamas, with one sock and no shoes, and not give it a second thought. Knowing she’ll figure it out exactly as I would. I have no doubt she’s got it covered. And not only will my kids be much more put together when I return, they will also be laughing and loving on her because THEY are most comfortable with her too.

I’ve never seen anyone go into action mode more than this pair of moms. Dividing tasks, not worried in the moment about the pleases and thank yous. We just do. We divide and conquer. Complete action mode. Within minutes, we can bathe 5 kids, throw together a meal, tackle blow out diapers, foil major meltdowns, and get to preschool on time with backpacks and lunches packed.

She’s a phone call to say, “what can I do to help?” But she doesn’t wait for a response, because she knows that request will never come. She just does. She simply says, “I’m on my way.” She just shows up. She acts without asking.

When you find your soul sister, cherish her. Hold on tight, and never let her go. 

It’s a comfortable energy. Someone I never run out of things to talk about with, but we can also have a whole conversation with a single look. She’s mad when I’m mad. She’s hurt when I’m hurt. She’s always got my back, and I have hers. She saves me over and over again, and in ways I didn’t know I needed. She’s probably the only one on Earth that can tell me when I’m out of line, without adding fuel to my fire.

She’s my safe place.

She didn’t have a choice in inheriting a sister, but she CHOSE to be my friend. My very BEST friend. She has to be my family, but she didn’t have to be my friend. And I’m a better friend, wife and mother with her in this journey with me.

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