I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Notice I Was Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

wrong bra size

When one becomes a mother she puts aside her needs in favor of making sure the tiny human(s) are alive and well. It’s a constant job that never takes a break. Often we moms forget about ourselves. We end up not noticing things about ourselves that we would have never not noticed before.

I recently just realized that my bras weren’t fitting anymore.

In hindsight I should have caught on long ago.

About 3 months ago I started noticing the sides under my armpits were hurting. I thought it was probably just soreness from working out. After the soreness persisted, I thought well, I do have a 28-pound toddler that I carry around and who now tackles me. The soreness didn’t go away. Eventually I got a slight cold and even convinced myself that the pain was due to coughing.

After my cold was gone and the pain still persisted, my mind started to run wild. Of course my mind jumped to worst case scenario things like cancer since I know there are nodes and such under my armpit area. And of course the lady twins are near my armpit so I started to worry about lumps in my breasts. I started doing a self check daily to feel for lumps.

Obviously I should have gone to the doctor, but I knew I’d be visiting my sister very soon. She is an OBGYN in New Jersey so I figured she could check me.

After a quick check-up from Dr. Sister, she said there were no lumps of any kind. I was baffled and asked what the heck it could be? Then she gave me the most obvious answer in the world. She said, it might just be your bras.

Denial Denial Denial

I told my sister no way. I was finally fitting perfectly into all of my clothing since stopping breastfeeding 6 months ago. Being back in “normal” bras instead of nursing or sports bras was one of my great accomplishments. Plus I loved all of my very expensive bras and did not want to admit that I would have to get rid of all of them. Nice bras are the one thing I’ve always splurged on for myself and I didn’t want to lose my collection. Also, once you have a toddler, making time to actually go shopping for yourself gets a lot harder. However, once I returned home, my sides were in so much pain that I decided it was time to go shopping for new bras.

Finally Pain Free!

I marched right into Victoria’s Secret with my husband and toddler in tow and got a measuring done. It turns out I was a whole cup larger than the bras I was wearing. My poor tatas were being squeezed daily for 5 months for the wrong bra size. No wonder I was in so much pain.

The wonderful ladies at Victoria’s Secret brought me a slew of new bras to try on. As soon as I put them on I felt immediate relief. I mentally kicked myself for not seeing the obvious and promised myself I wouldn’t forget about ME anymore.

I’ve now been wearing my new size for about a month with absolutely no more pain. Now if only I could not notice those white hairs that keep creeping up on my head.

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