Meet Jessica Pareti

Jessica Pareti

Jessica Pareti, New 2018 Contributor

Growing up, I always knew if I had a son I would name him Austin after my grandfather. Little did I know, 20 years later I’d be living in a city with the same name. I graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia with a Journalism degree. I had big dreams of being a writer at a magazine in New York City, but life had other plans for me.

The year was 2008, around the time the recession hit and journalism jobs were few and far between. I ended up accepting a job as a proofreader for a translation company. The job was HORRIBLE, but on the bright side, it’s where I ended up meeting my husband, Andy. We both knew this was not our long-term careers. Andy wrote and took pictures for a few music magazines at the time, including one that was based in Austin. We saved up our money for a year and decided to quit our jobs and drive across the country (from Pennsylvania to California) and Austin was one of the stops along the way. Of course, we fell in love with the city and the rest is history.

We moved here with no jobs and only the savings we had left. Almost 10 years later, Andy is now a sales manager at Apple, we have a house, a dog and a two-year-old son named (you guessed it) Austin. These days I’m a SAHM who’s trying to fuse her interests of nutrition, fitness, and writing. 

I look forward to providing you with interesting and topical posts. I think it’s really important for moms to raise each other up rather than put each other down. That’s why I’m actively involved in my local stroller strides group (I recently became an instructor) and wanted to be involved in Austin Moms Blog. I don’t care how you mom, as long as your kiddo is happy and safe. We’re all just trying to navigate through this crazy thing called life.



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