Five Things You Never Knew About Escape Rooms And Why Mind Spark Is The One To V

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Puzzle rooms have grown quickly in popularity. Austin is home to several different companies offering an awesome variety of righteous, riddle fun. The basic premise is simple: you and a team of friends, co-workers, teammates or family members enter a room designed to keep you inside until you solve your way out. The aim is to beat the clock by solving the riddles before time is up. If you can spring-free under the 60 minute time frame you’re the real deal. 

     Mind Spark has long been the frontrunner of puzzle rooms in Austin. Their production value truly raises the bar and creates an enthralling experience for the players. Before you round up a group to check out a room, here are a few fun facts you might not have known. 

1.) It’s all about team building. Mind Spark allows up to twelve individuals to play at once, so invite the whole volleyball team or book it for a birthday party. Kids and adults alike will benefit from working together in a fun, positive environment to ‘escape’ the room before the hour is up. 

2.) They don’t have to be scary! You may have an image of escape rooms as an adventure with a healthy side of fear, but that is not always the case. At Mind Spark, only one of the rooms has a ‘scary’ theme. The others are produced with cinema-quality props and sets but focus more creating a transportive scene that enhances to the experience. 

3.) Escape rooms aren’t always rooms. Who knew!? While many are confined to four walls, at Mind Spark, the puzzle can exist completely in Virtual Reality. Participants may explore this cutting edge form of entertainment by donning VR goggles and solving a riddle on their own to ‘win’ the game. 

4.) It’s about education and entertainment. No one will leave an experience at an escape room without putting their minds to good use; that’s why it’s in the name for Mind Spark. The problems come in a variety of forms, from wordplay riddles to tangible puzzle props, there are plenty of opportunities for cognitive engagement. 

5.) It’s like a video game, but your device is not allowed. You and your kiddos will be asked to leave your phones locked up during the duration of the game. When was the last time you didn’t look at your phone for an hour? This gentle encouragement to problem solve without the internet is a great way to remind yourself and your children that sometimes, your own awesome mind is enough to figure information out. 

       Don’t have a group you’d like to enroll with you to try it out? No worries. You are more than welcome to come solo and join in with others. You may even make a new friend. Also worth noting, the minimum age is 7 years old, any younger may not have a great time as the stories are designed for older audiences. To purchase tickets and learn more about what Mind Spark offers, click here.


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