Lemonade Day – Teach Your Child About Entrepreneurship

Sponsored By :: West Austin Chamber of Commerce

The West Austin Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to present Lemonade Day to the city of Austin this year. This program is currently offered in 67 cities across the country and has been presented in Austin for 7 years.

Haven’t heard of Lemonade Day? Lemonade Day is an experiential, educational program, free to children, that teaches them how to start a business and then provides them with an opportunity to run their business in highly profitable locations throughout the city and make their own money.

Lemonade Day Austin will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018.  On this one special day, after completing the Lemonade Day lessons, your children will have the opportunity to set up in high customer traffic locations throughout the city and run a business they created…a lemonade stand.  The average profit per stand last year was $224, but children commonly make $300-$500 on Lemonade Day and many make up to or over $1000! The money they make is theirs to keep or use how they wish.  Lemonade Day encourages that participants “spend some, share some and save some” of stand earnings, providing great lessons in money management and social responsibility.

If you would like to register your children to participate this year, they will receive a free access to Lemonopolis- the digital, interactive version of the Lemonade Day lessons that children and adults can utilize together.  Workbooks and backpacks are also available for pick up at the West Austin Chamber of Commerce office (13776 Research Blvd. Suite 107A, Austin, TX 78750—next to Little Land) during normal business hours.

Lemonade Day has become a favorite family activity in homes across the country.  Parents spend time each week leading up to Lemonade Day and help their children work through the lessons and make decisions about their business. The lessons take a total of approximately four hours to complete and can be spread over a week or a month, or even a day. Classmates, friends or even teams or organizations as welcome to participate in the program together.

If you would like to register your child to participate this year, please click here.

You can also register your child at any area Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers restaurant location.

Other local businesses in and around Austin will be hosting your young entrepreneurs on Lemonade Day.  Once you’ve registered your children to participate, you can begin to think about choosing a great location and requesting approval from the business owner!

Every child who participates and turns in their results will be entered into a drawing to win a new bike, HEB gift cards and other great prizes.  Lemonade Day Austin will also present a Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

To learn more about Lemonade Day, you can visit https://lemonadeday.org/

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