Goodbye Toys “R” Us. You Will Be Missed

Do you remember the excitement of getting a Toys “R” Us catalog in the mail? My mom would hand me a marker and ask me to circle what toys I wanted for Christmas. Of course, I circled almost everything! I loved their commercials too — with that unforgettable theme song and Geoffrey the Giraffe. 

Toys “R” Us was started in 1948 as a small children’s store in Washington D.C. and grew in popularity until the 1990s. But for years, Toys “R” Us has been on the brink of closure, filing for bankruptcy several times. This time, however, will be the last. There are 5 locations in Austin and all have confirmed that the imminent plan is closure.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel sad when I heard they were closing, but then we posted this video and I got a little sentimental. The closing of Toys “R” Us is more than just a company going under — it’s an end of an era. In a day where you can order literally anything on the internet and have it shipped to your house, it’s no wonder people are opting for convenience. It makes me a little sad, though, to know that my son won’t get the experience of going to a store where everything is just for him. He won’t know the excitement of going down the aisles surrounded by all the toys you can imagine. He won’t know what it’s like to pick something out of a catalog like I did and wait in anticipation of its arrival.

When you call a Toys “R” Us store, a recording comes on. It’s a child’s voice who says: “Thank you for calling Toys “R” Us. We deliver joy to children of all ages. Have a fabulous day and remember, never grow up!” If that doesn’t hit you right in the heart, I don’t know what will. Goodbye Toys “R” Us. Thank you for being a part of my childhood.





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