My Promise To My Firstborn

Dear Son,

I know that life has been crazy lately, and I wish I could explain everything that’s happening.

You’ve seen your momma’s belly grow and you know that you’re going to have a new, baby sister soon, and it gives me such great joy to see how excited you are for her arrival!

Your dada and I are very excited too, but we also want you to know how dear and special you are to us, and how we will always love you.

I’ve had some good days, but also some very rough days through this second pregnancy, and I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything to you, but please know that I’m fighting to give you my 100%. 

I’m sorry that I’ve been so tired these past few months. I’m sorry I haven’t always been able to run or play with you like we used to. And I’m very, very sorry that I haven’t always been as patient with you as I should be.

The crazy part is that this fatigue and tiredness I’m currently feeling will only continue once baby girl is born, and, since you sleep in our room, we will all be going through some sleepless nights together.

I know I can’t prevent the sleepless nights. I know I can’t prevent the fatigue that I’ll feel (either now or then). I know that life is going to be different and will change, and you may not be so thrilled about all these changes once they start happening.

But, despite all of that, here is my promise to you:

I promise to love you forever and that you will always be my baby.

I promise that I will never leave you, overlook you or forget you.

I promise to show you my love verbally, physically and emotionally every single day.

I promise to still be there when you need a hug, when you are sad and when you feel confused.

I promise that I will be there to celebrate with you, laugh with you and cheer you on.

I promise that I will ask forgiveness when I make mistakes and when I’m not patient with you.

I promise that this new season of life will be challenging, but that it will also be full of new joys.

And I promise that our family will only grow stronger and more full of love with this new baby girl.

You are my firstborn, my pride and my joy. You mean the world to me and that will never change.


Your Momma

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